Old Town featherweight 15

ken mueller

Canton, Ohio
I am looking at an Old Town featherweight, and had some questions. It was made in 1966, and has been stored properly in an attached (to a home) garage.
My main concern is about the dacron covering the canoe. I notice some loose areas along the gunwales. Also some puckering in one spot, about an inch wide. It is the original fabric. None of the areas extend down more than an inch. The fabric on the hull is tight. Is this a potential problem? Also is the age of the fabric a concern?
Anything else that I should look for?
Hi Ken,
Some good photos will help us give some input. Others may chime in as to the originality of the fabric.
The greatest concern I have is about the age of the dacron. Would it be in danger of deteriorating after some 45 years? I see no rotten or discolored areas.
About the only things that will kill Dacron are UV damage (which should be pretty much totally blocked by the paint if it's still in good shape) and abrasion (like sand or salt, working down between the planks and against the skin). It's possible for dirt, mold, mildew, etc. to get into the Dacron's weave and grow, but they don't eat or weaken the fabric the way they do on cotton fabrics. In general, if the surface still looks good, then it is most likely doing just fine.