New model NRC fresh off the mold!

Douglas Ingram

Red River Canoe & Paddle
Thought that you'd all like to see a new model canoe fresh off of the mold. I call it the NRC until a better name comes along. NRC for Northern Racing Canoe.

The northern native communities of Manitoba, Norway House and Cross Lake in particular, have canoe races that they call the Cedar Canoe Classic, in which the use 18', wood & canvas, "Y" stern, freighter canoes. The race goes 30km per day for three days. Winners win on total time. The races are competitive and include recreational classes. There is enough prize money involved to get a lot of people interested in participating.

Most of the existing stock of freighter canoes has been scooped up, so the communities have started looking for more freighters. The canoes are then often modified, sometimes heavily, for the races. The gunnels will be pulled in to make the canoe narrower, which hogs the bottom, which necessitates pushing the ribs out, which makes the bottom rounder, and the width near the stern is often pinched in quite a bit, too, to make it easier for the stern paddler.

In use, the bow rows. I don't know why they set it up this way, but it seems that basing the race in traditional use is important. At the 15km mark they have to switch positions, bow to stern.

So, I've been getting quite a few inquiries about new canoes. The NRC is based upon my Legacy mold, for which I had to make some adaptations, all still allowing the original canoe to be built on it. I had to be able to set the stems further out 6" at each end, and set the gunnel depth at 20" center. OK, so on this one I did 12" at the bow, but now I'm thinking 6" at each end to stretch the stern exit line a little.

This is the first of two canoes that I have orders for. We'll see how it fares this summer. To my eye, it already looks fast.

You can see the mold in the back, and that's a 14' Red Fox in the foreground.


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Wait a that paddling freighter canoes, or with a motor? Holy crap, I'm not worthy if they are paddling them that distance!!!!! I did the Adirondack Canoe Race in a Mad River and that just about did me in, geezzzz.

Just when I thought I was tough sh%$!:rolleyes:
Bow rows, and the stern paddles, mostly steering. They switch positions half way, at the 15km mark. 30km per day. 3 days.

It would kill me, too. Though my son has started to think about entering...

Just about have it finished planking today. I would have, too, if other work didn't require my attentions. I'm getting pretty tired of holding that clinching iron all day. I think that an aluminum one would be easier to use.;)

Here are a few photos of how they canoes are set up. Yes, the rowing rig looks pretty crude, but its supposed to be very basic. Its ALL ABOUT low tech!


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Hey A solved mystery.While camping for a few days at The Pas MB We watched a pair rowing and paddling a W/C Y stern up and down the river.They were on the other side so never had a chance to ask what they were up to.Them fellas could really make that canoe step out ,rigged like that.Seems they were practising for an upcoming race
Nice work as usual Doug hopefully you will build a winner,then groan about the business that it will bring!!
Thanks Dan.

Glad to have helped out in the solving of your mystery!

I have the first coat of varnish on this canoe as of Friday. Monday I get the joy of sanding all the interior, and the second coat. Its a pretty looking canoe. I'm thinking of making one for myself, with some nice trim and hardware it would be a wonderful pulling boat for recreational use.

I expect to canvas Wednesday. I'll have to use the Bakore filler in order to meet the deadline of the summer races.

I promise that I won't complain about being busy with orders! I only struggle with being busy when everyone wants their projects done all at the same time. It always seems to be spring time, and everyone figures that their project is the only one that I have to work on. I'm starting to not like spring very much...
I only struggle with being busy when everyone wants their projects done all at the same time. It always seems to be spring time, and everyone figures that their project is the only one that I have to work on. I'm starting to not like spring very much...[/QUOTE]

Ai to that mate.9 day week don't do it.
What's that filler you mentioned?
Thought that you'd all like to see some progress about how this is all shaping up. Finished planing, varnished interior, canvassed, filled, trim made, gunnel on and first coat of varnish, and the keel is on.

Y'all know that paint and varnishing the trim is basically all that's left. Next week.


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Well, the first NRC left on its way to Norway House yesterday. The new owner seemed pretty happy as he kept grinning a lot. I hope that it's fast enough for him.

Finished just in time, too. I'm leaving on a 6 week trip tomorrow, and he's testing it out in a Canada Race this weekend.

He said that a lot of people in his community are looking forward to seeing it. I said that I hope that all that they see is his transom.

Thanks for looking. It really was an interesting project. I find that its the creativity that I find most interesting and enjoyable in this work. If I never have to strip out the old varnish of another old canoe, my life will not e diminished.


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