Making a mold???


I have a 16', early 40's Chestnut Prospector which I'll start restoring once the weather breaks. But before I replace the canvas, I'd like to use it somehow to make another canoe for my kids.
So I need to know if it's possible to use this canoe in order to make a mold, or possibly use it as a mold to make another canoe?
All and any input will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
In the "Wood and Canvas Canoe" book by Jerry Stelmok and Rollin Thurlow, chapter 5 is dedicated to building a form for just that purpose. I am currently in the process of making a form to replicate a 13' Stowe canoe and marked off every 12 inches, starting at the middle and went to one end and left the remaining length for the stem...I made templates of these areas and am in the process of making the form as outlined in their book... This is only a suggestion, but it is a start in the thought process....Good luck...I am sure others will join in here with possibly a better system.
if you wanted to drive to flint,mi.(about 3-4 hrs.) and can arrange getting it back and forth across the border you could borrow my bob's special form. it won't be used for awhile now. 15' canoe,(it's longer in metric!)
*offer void where prohibited by law. call me if interested. 810-736-2333 evenings.
might be easier than any other way.
Thanks Guys.
I also have a strongback and a set of stations for a woodstrip Ranger. I'm contemplating making a dupilcate set then cut them down to suit making a mold for a wood/canvas model.
Thanks for the offer Bob. I don't think getting across the border would be much of a hassle. If decide to take you up on your offer, my biggest problem would be getting a trailer with which to do the move.
Whichever way I decide, I've still got plenty of time to figure things out. Then again, my wife's starting to get some ideas on a new deck and hot tub. I just may be given a lot of time to figure things out, as far as my canoes go.
It would be quite a hassle and a lot of work to use it to build a canoe for the kids. They'd be happy with just about anything that floats. Choose your poison wisely.
Hmmm.... I see your point, but I'm in my mid 50's and the kids are in their early 30's, and I figure a couple of nice wood-canvas canoes (one for each)will last a heluva lot longer then me. But I do appreciate your input.