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Bruce Dow

Wood Butcher
Hello folks.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I finally started the project to spruce up the family's 1975 Tremblay cedar/canvas canoe. This boat has been in all three oceans that border Canada.

I've done the teardown, and am stripping the varnish this weekend.

I know I have at least one cracked rib to deal with. I'll be looking for advice on wheter to replace it or try the "back splice" method.

I'll also be polling for covering options. The canoe - as bought - had a canvas/veralite cover. I'll be debating whether to try to recreate that (Is that even still available?) or go traditional canvas, or go dacron.

Here are pictures from day one. (pay no attention to that cold brown thing standing in the canoe)

I look forward to engaging and learning with you.

Welcome Bruce,
you'll get lots of tips and advice here for sure, I'll add you to the Northern Lakes list. Come on up to Killbear for the day, its not far from Toronto and the holiday traffic is done. Loading the trailer and off in an hour, but the Tremblay looks great, I sold mine and kinda wish I had it back.
Thanks, Andre.

My plan was to be up at the cottage (north of Huntsville) this weekend stripping the inside of the boat. I'm sure I'll need a break at some point, so may pop over for a visit and a look. Is there a general agenda for the weekend?

(e.g.: How will I know where to find people when I get there?)