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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Greetings All -

I just registered as a member. Having acquired a restoration project (my first) - a 1921 Carleton - earlier this month, I have already received a great deal of help from Benson, Kathy, & Dan (Miller). - Thank you all.

What a phenominal resource and fantastic group of enthusiasts. I can't imagine anyone with a love of w/c canoes not joining.

Unfortunately, due to ignorance and necessity, I'm afraid I will be more of a "taker" than a "giver" early on, but if I can help someone (by providing a novice's inspection and opinion on a boat of interest in Northeast Ohio - or anything else) please let me know.

Despite much information gathering, I have not actually embarked on any restoration yet. The canoe appears (before stripping and canvas removal) to be in pretty good shape (as project canoes seem to go). However, as my two car garage has all of the paraphernalia of a family with kids, (and my wife seems to like to park in there), my first task will be to find a space other than our garage where I can set up shop. Else, find a divorce lawyer. ;)

I'm sure I will be back on the forums many times at each minute stage (I apologize and beg patience, in advance), but I think I can do this. The most daunting step to me that looks to lie ahead is the likely replacement - and bending - of new inwales and outwales. (There are some poorly scarfed-in repair pieces that mar the look, and possibly the structural integrity, too much.)

I'll be back to you when I can finally embark on the real work. Thanks again.

The Garage!

Providing our wife is OPEN to alternate suggestions for where to park her vehicle, and providing you have space, there may be an acceptable alternate to present to her:confused: ..For instance, one of those inexpensive canopy style garages!....LOL... The justification you may present to her is that there is no door to fumble with and should present her with ease of getting in and out without worrying about damaging the building...;) ANYWAY!...Welcome to the best group of people who really appreciate carrying on a fantastic legacy.
The Three Rivers Chapter, centered in the Pittsburgh area, may be the closest WCHA chapter for you. We do have active members in the Cleveland area, and members regularly restoring and building canoes. You are most welcome at any of our events. Contact me at and I will put you on our mailing list.