New Canoe


LOVES Wooden Canoes
I am the proud new owner of a Peterborough Minetta....serial #3626 1815....found it online.....checked it out today thoroughly...all original ribs and planking....was recanvassed a few years ago (not sure how long and may recanvas myself this winter)....all in all, in very good shape....plan on at least revarnishing interior....recaning seats (currently gut)....and as said likely recanvas...and paint green instead of current red....want to thank members of this forum for advice on other canoe (another Minetta) I was looking at (I requested help in identifying)....especially Andre for all his suggestions on what to look for....this is my first wood canvas canoe in years....and while not planning on adding any more for now (think I'll enjoy this Minetta first next summer), I did want to say I am glad to have recently joined this forum....BTW, I sent in my WCHA membership along with an order for The Canadian Wood Canoe and Boat Company Catalog Collection CD-ROM and a WCHA shirt....I'm looking forward to getting involved with Northern Lakes chapter.....doing lots of paddling.....maybe even try some canoe sailing.....thanks again to folks like Andre for advice....and to Dan Miller especially who "convinced" me to get a Minetta after reading some of the comments on his in the archives of this is a picture of canoe I have bought: