Help, Help, Help, needed!!! Please help identify this canoe


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Hello all!. I am a new member here. I now own a new to me, old wood/canvas canoe. YaY!! I have very little knowledge of canoe manufacture, etc. I was looking for a project for myself for this winter, this one came to my attention, so I acquired it. It was thought to be an O/T, but after retrieving it, I don't think so, as there are no stamps or tags. I am not afraid of the rebuilding process, as I have restored many antique aircraft with wooden wings as a business, I have a shop, tools etc. The history has me in question. Its overall length appears to be 18'4". It seems to be double planked, or maybe double ribbed(?). The outside is planked veritcally over the ribs C/L to C/L of each one. then the canoe was striped in the normal way, horizontal. I removed the heavy canvas on the outside with little effort but there was a second one underneath. This one looks like it was very thin linen, like what we use for aircraft, and I think is was glued using airplane dope, as it seems very familiar. I am trying to remove the 1st, with great difficulty, and could have to use help from some chemical means. This I do not think was original as I can see some re tacking and repair work in some areas as I remove it. I can not find any ID tags or numbers to date this on the inside anywhere. I hope some one can help with the ID, etc as it is in very sound condition. I have a not to good picture of the deck joinery. Many thanks!! John


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It's a Penobscot Canoe Company Notacrack canoe - a rare and interesting variation of the typical canvas canoe (one of these years, I'm going to build one like it..!)

See attached images from the 1917 Pecaco catalog.


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