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We were coming home from the Allagash area yesterday (Friday, 8/5), and maybe it was the lingering effects of an Allagash Abduction or something, but I swear I saw a white Morris on a car at the little lake outside of Dexter.

Anyone here?
Hmmmmm....when I came down from St. Francis a few weeks ago I saw one W/C canoe on the entire drive. It was one of Rollins Medford's. We were about 40 miles from his shop at the time.
And on the Penobscott and, nada, zip, squat, not one other than ours.

We did spot a 20 foot White for sale near Greenville...we were damned tempted but after bringing the Gerrish home a few weeks ago (and since I have one), my marriage is already threatened.;)

We did spot a 20 foot White for sale near Greenville

Is this the one in front of the Forest Service Station in downtown Greenville?

I didn't see a For Sale sign, and good thing the rack on the car was already filled, but it would make a good project for someone. I thought it might be an 18-1/2 footer.
Is it the same one? There is a for sale sign on the saw horse. I resisted the urge to look at the price as it may have ended up on the roof. Here's a clue for the location ....


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We were up there a week after the Assembly. Saw the sign and one moose, not the canoe, which is okay, I already own two 18-1/2 whites.