Chestnut Freighter


We just returned from several days paddling in the Adirondacks. Other than our own canoes, we did not see one other wood or wood and canvas canoe. That is until we were on our way home.

There is a flat stern Chestnut Freighter for sale in Cranberry Lake. It is sitting on the side of Route 3 in someone’s front lawn. I was in a rush to get home (three dogs waiting) so I only took a quick look. It is canvassed. It has been sitting outside upside down somewhere for a while. The interior, deck, rails are restorable. It is set up to take a sail in the bow end.

The stern is a major rebuild. It looks like a wad of some kind of moldable mess is plastered into the bottom. There are numerous cracked ribs in that area.
That said, this looks like a pretty restorable boat for anyone looking for one of the big Chestnuts.

Some ADK craft we spotted on our trip:


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