Water safety games

Jim Wilson

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My daughter, Alex, is working on her Girl Scout Silver Award, and her topic is water safety. We have been trying to come up with some games/activities that she could present to younger kids (age 5-12) at various events in our area.

We were thinking about who might have some experience with this kind of thing, and she said "How about those WCHA people?". After having participated in dozens of kid's activities at the last 8 assemblies, she has a lot of faith in this bunch.

Now is your chance to prove her right! Any ideas of short games/activities? Maybe a good source for them? If you come up with something good, maybe she will bring some Girl Scout cookies to Keuka this year!

Alex says thanks!
safety games

I teach canoeing to scout groups throuigh my local forest preserve district, and one thing the kids really enjoy is rescue/throw rope practice. Everybody gets to be both victim and rescuer, and I'm not sure which role they enjoy more...

They also enjoy doing boat-over-boat rescues, but that's a bit more involved, might be outside the scope of the requirements.

Hope this helps!
Red Cross

The Red Cross teaches canoeing and swimming and all sorts of Water Safety skills. Ages ago when my Senier G.S. troop did it, the training we had included games. Have her contact your local Red Cross office to get information on these.
Thanks for the replies on this. I always like the throwbag practice for kids (adults too). I'm not sure how much space she will have at the different venues she will be working, but maybe she could use that at some of them.

I believe that she has contacted the Red Cross, but only on a national level. I'll have her contact a local person.

Once again, thanks for the input. Any more?