Meeting fellow WCHA members across the USA

Michael Grace

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We'll it has been a busy travel schedule lately, but good times.

Boat shows in Savannah, GA and then the huge Sunnyland show... lots of fun there, and we get to see a variety of old wooden boat friends (the human kind and the wooden boat kind) from across the US and Canada. We WCHAers should be proud of our little boats... Peter Breen, builder of some of the most amazing wooden boats you've ever seen, was thrilled by our humble collection of historic wooden canoes.

From there to the little fishing village of Apalachicola in the north. Anita Grove puts on this one... she's an ACBS member, and I'm suggesting that she should also be a WCHA member! Great people live there and they put on a wonderful show overlooking historic Apalachicola Bay.

Then on the coast of North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, I spent a great day with our own Perniciuos Atavist (aka Ed Maurer)- canoe sailor, editor, and generally nice guy. It was a good time in the Low Country, under a beautiful blue sky in warm temperatures, in the beautiful and historic coastal town of Beaufort. Ed was a real pleasure to see and talk with again (has it really been 2 or 3 years?)- made my day! And again an important figure in the wooden boat world, Jim Moores of Moores Marine (shops in NC and FL; restorers of the massive and spectacular Trumpy motoryachts), spent a fair part of the day complimenting our humble little canoes.

And now, yesterday and today on the other side of the country, Mark Adams (canoe connoisseur of the high desert) is serving as a wonderful host. Yesterday we toured around the spectacular Lake Tahoe area, from crystal clear water and near-hot temperatures to massive snowdrifts in the high rocks. At the Sierra Boat Company, the guys were great- "No problem, just wander around!"- and we saw some amazing examples of fine runabouts (and a few wooden canoes and dinghies). Of course Mark also shared his canoes, paddles, etc.- that was the real treat!

Thanks, Mark and Ed! You guys are great hosts and great ambassadors. It's back to the tropical south Florida coast now... bummer...

Photos: (1) Lake Tahoe from the California side; (2) Mark's courting canoes, old and new (by Kevin Martin), in Reno, NV; (3) small segment of the Wooden Boat Show at the North Carolina Maritime Museum, Beaufort, NC; canoes are (back to front) W.P. Stephens decked sailing, 1916 AA-grade Old Town Otca, Lakefield cedar strip; (4) canoes at the Apalachicola Antique & Classic Boat Show, Florida; canoes are (L to R) W.P. Stephens decked sailing, and Rice Lake Herald's Patent; (5) then the people came; (6) shrimpers pre-dawn, Apalachicola



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Looks like you had a blast, Michael - thanks for posting these. Wish we could've been there, but a few good photos are the next best thing. That foggy morning photo is exquisite!
Hey Michael,

It was a blast having you. I can now say I have met another WCHA member! I had a lot of fun showing you the sights. Bring the family next time and we'll make it an outing.