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:confused: Anyone have any experience to share on procedure for bending mahogany...Have some surplus and was thinking of using it up as ribs in a Wanagan for the OTCA with white cedar planking.....Should look good, I think
Bending Mahogany

If you are talking about genuine Mahogany (Honduras or Central American) Swietenia macrophylla (not Khaya ivorensis from Africa or Meliaceae from the Phillipines) This is a hardwood with LOW dry bending strength and medium crushing strength. However, it is known to have medium-good steam bending properties. Because of it's high decay resistance and great dimensional stability factor (only 6/64ths!!!) it has been bent for ships and furniture for centuries. To attempt a bend with out cracking/splitting, try submerging it in water heated to 70 degrees centigrade (just under 160 degrees F) for a period of time. This may work better than steam bending alone. Wear heat resistant gloves (found in large hardware stores) to test the bending ability from time to time. I don't know what thickness you're thinking of using so I cant tell you how long it could take. Some open cell and some conifererous woods will bend so easily this way you could tie them in a knot. Test, test, test. Let us know how it goes. Splinter