Outwales for 1943 Old Town HW

Dave Nagel

This Year's Obsession
I need to replace the outwales on The HW I am building. I did find someone who would order them from Old Town already bent but I was told They would only be available in Ash not Mahogany and there would be a 4-6 month lead time. So I am looking at other options.

I found one source for Philippine Mahogany that would be long enough. I already got started using Honduran Mahogany for the deck tips and inwale tips and I don't know how hard it would be to match the 3 different woods.

I am wondering:
-What have other people done when faced with this?
-What kind of Mahogany was used at Old town and is that still available in 19' or longer lengths?
-Fitz I saw your thread about bending Philippine Mahogany on an Otca but I didn't hear how it worked out.
-Is there anyone in Western Washington who knows of places to get Long lengths of Honduran Mahogany?

I look forward to hearing everyone input


Just an update. I do all of this long stuff in my yard and with winter conditions upon us I put the rails on hold for a while. This canoe belongs to the COO of my company, so I'd best finish it soon.:eek: It is a nice AA Grade OTCA and I am eager to see it float again. It is all done except for the outwales.

I have not totally given up on the phillipine/meranti, but I don't think I will get it to bend to fit the OTCA. It is brittle, splintery and I think if I got it to bend (which I might), that it would split while I was securing it to the canoe. I'm gonna try some Honduran and see how it goes. I found some 11 ft lengths here in MA., and I'm gonna scarf it.

Let us know how you make out.


Mahogany is a tough wood to bend, as you know. I'll tell you what, Jack McGreivey is the one to ask when it comes to bending anything tough. If he cant bend it, it cant be bent!!!! Call him, he is a great resource for bending wood. 315-626-6635. I know that hes worked with Philippine as well.

good luck and give us a status report,