kennebec paint and canvas??


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm definitely new at this but how do I know when the canvas is OK and is it possible to remove an existing but cracked paint application on the canvas. I do believe that the paint job was the wrong type of paint?? The canoe was originally red and is now green.
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Assuming that it is just the paint and not the filler that has the problems, I do not see why you could not sand it all down and re-coat with a good paint. Typically the canvas filler will be a different color than the paint, and that may give you a hint how big of a problem you have, also if the canoe really leaks, that is another indication of how deep the cracks go. If it is just the paint, you would have to be careful not to sand into the filler and expose the canvas weave. If the cracks go into the filler, you might want to consider re-canvassing. You might have a look at this thread also:
bad paint

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The paint has detached from th canvas in as much as 4" or > in spots. I can see the canvas but don't see any filler, not sure what I'm looking at, and not sure what has been done to the outer layer. I have some thumbnails but having trouble attaching.
Thanks again!!
If you are having trouble uploading images, check out this thread:

If the canvas was never filled, but just painted over, you may be better off re-canvasing, as you really do need to have a filler applied to the canvas. The filler has to penetrate the canvas as much as possible, and if the canvas has already been painted, I doubt you will get adequate or consistent filler penetration/adhesion, as the remnants of paint, even after sanding, will interfere.
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