Marine or Oil Based Paint for Canvas?


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I just bought a used Clark Craft/Blanford canvas kayak built in the late '80's that I want to repaint. I believe the paint on it now is marine paint. I was hoping someone could tell me if marine paint is necessary ($30/qt) or if oil based paint is perfectly suitable. If oil based paint is fine should I be looking for a specific type?


the issue I suppose is how soon do you want to paint it again?

I have a canoe that was painted with an acrylic (Valspar) by a much beloved maker. I recoated it with exactly the same paint - tough stuff but a different shine than enamel.

My other boat has Kirby's Bottle green on it. An excellent marine enamel but it needs to be thinned quite a bit - meaning it will either go farther than its quart package or you have to spend money on a thinner - all depends on how you look at it.

In fact I would recommend you call Kirbys (very helpful chaps) and they will tell you your options in both formula and cost.