How do the inwales, deck, and stem fit together on an old town yankee?


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Sun came out, time to start on my spring project, an old town yankee circa 1955. I would appreciate a picture/description of how the inwales, deck, and stem fit together. Mine came with decks already removed. And enough of the last inch or so of the inwales are missing so that I'm having trouble puzzling out the connection.
The image below shows how the deck looks on an AA grade Yankee from 1953. The inside stem (and outside stem if it is present) simply butts up against the bottom of the deck and rails. There used to be a nice drawing of how two diagonal ring nails held this all in place but it appears to have been lost in the crash a few years ago.



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:D Very interesting photogragh Mr. Gray.....I didnt realize that the two cant ribs decreased in thickness as they approach the stem..Putting this one in the memory banks for future reference;) I can see why they need to because of the decreasing width of the inwale and the outwale. thanks for posting that picture.

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