I Need a Picture of where inwales and stem join

Dave Nagel

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Does anyone have a picture of how the inwales, stem and deck go together on an Old Town HW. The last couple inches of mine are gone and I would like to see how they went together before I start cutting and gluing. What I want to see is do the inwales butt up to the stem or extend over the top? I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Hi Dave,

Below is a photo of an Otca (only tip image I have on my office machine, but the Otca was constructed in the same manner as the HW). Hopefully you can see that the inwales run all the way out, over the inside stem. On this canoe, there is an outside stem. When this was added, it ran the full length of the bow/stem circumference (i.e. outside the ends of the inwales). Outwales were added such that they either (1) ended at the same point as the inwales on a canoe with no outside stem, or (2) ended at the outside edge of the outside stem on canoes with an outside stem. Often, a steel nail was driven through the top surface of the inwale tip into the inside stem. Note- all of the structure shown in the photo is original.

Hope this helps.


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Here are a few more - two are Otcas, but the construction is the same. The blue one is an original (I believe) Otca. The green one is a 1929 Otca I recently finished.

The one named Taconic is my 1929 HW.

Good Luck


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Our 1915 Old Town HW

This should give you a view. She's got sponsons.
Regards, Tom Heys


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Thanks for your responses. Michael your well written reply answers my question. The boats in all the photos look great. Hope mine looks that good when I am done. I appreciate everyone's input. I will be able to figure out how to go from here. If anyone happens to have a good close up of where the inwales and deck join together at the tip before they put the stem band over it I would be interested in seeing it. I don't think I would have the confidence to move forward on this project myself without being able to ask this community for advice.

Thanks Again