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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm about ready to paint my new (old) OT 18' Guide restoration - and am considering springing for Epifanes dark red enamel. Any experience with this brand and color out there? Just how dark is "Dark" red, what primer should be used, and how much of each will be needed for good coverage? This is my first attempt at painting a canoe, so I apologize for the rookie questions.
I'm a Kirby fan BUT, Epifanes has a terrific reputation. coverage---One quart primer and one quart paint should do it. I really like the 4" hi density foam roller. Roll it on, roll it out and roll it lightly to tip. then move to the next 2 foot section. The primer is good for sanding between coats and gives a better end result.
Hi David,

I have used both and the Epifanes enamel has a much harder finish and a bit more shiny. I prefer it, but you can get more color variation with Kirby.

Epifanes makes a great primer to go with their enamel paint. I too have used the 4" foam rollers and have sprayed on the last coat. You use less paint rolling but I like the look of the final spray coat.

I'm not sure you'd get an 18' canoe done with one quart of color, especially if you do 3 coats.

Jamestown has some great tech people you can call and talk to.

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I use and like the Epifanes paints. They apply beautifully and with minimal effort. I roll with 4" hi density foam roller and tip it. I do not thin it.
The color options are more limited than Kirby but I tend to own working canoes and am not in need of so many color options.
I have deep red on my cartopper. It covered really well and has a very nice appearance even after years of use. I painted over an older paint job and original canvas so it's not a perfect finish.
It is a very deep maroon color, not very bright. If you would like me to send a picture PM your Email address.
I will put this same paint on my 20 foot White next time I canvas it.
One quart for an 18 is going to be a real stretch. Buy two.

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Thanks very much to all for your help and insights - Mike my e-mail is (deleted) - would appreciate that photo.
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Ruffrain, You're better off sending a Private Message that contains your email address. I'd delete the one in your post to decrease the possibility of a lot of junk spam coming your way.

Agree! Good advice.
Sent this picture of deep red to Ruffrain this AM.
It's not a great shot but you can get the idea. This is over original canvas that is not very well filled. On a properly filled canvas this color is a bit richer and more glossy in appearance.


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Well, Ruffy....As you can see, everyone has a favorite. I have used Pettit, Kirby, Interluz and Epifanes. Thay all work.........but it has been my experience that the Epi wins. It is so user friendly that one looks forward to the next morning when you can get that coat on. It holds a wet edge longer it seems and if not with a little thinner you are right where you need to be. It flows beautifully without any trace of a brush mark. ( I use the Epi oval bristle, one of which is many boats old ). The cans are smaller, but I find the coverage is about the same, so the cost differential seems not a consideration. It dries fast once initiated and presents a deep harder glossy finish, with exceptional durability. For me though, the best feature ( though they do not advertise it ) is the ability to customize your color, whicch I have done often and the results can be very nice, indeed. See Pam Wedd article in the archives...it too is extraordinary. Have fun !!
Thanks again to all, just the experiences I was hoping for. Have deleted my "public" e-mail as suggested.
Now, how about primer? Will any good sandable oil based primer do, or should I invest in Epifanes very pricey product?