Chestnut 17' Y Stern


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in the final stages of finishing up this y stern and cant remember-never took pictures of the transom.Was wondering if the transom had an outer across the back or if not how the outwales were finished at the rear of the canoe

Hi Dan:

Here is a 20 foot Chestnut Ogilvy Pool. It has the Y-transom. I will see if I can find more pictures that will help.

Keep those moose critters in line now will you!!

PS: Someone smeared some fiberglass and snot on this rear end, but you may be able to see what you are after.



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Definitely no outer across the back as this would be in the way of the outboard motor. Outwales end at the transom. Note that there is a total of 6 factory carriage bolts [ 3 per side ] that go through the outwale, inwale then the 90 degree metal brace. The factory metal brace was crude yet functional. Pictures are of 16' and 20' Chestnuts. Hope they help.


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There is a notch in the inner transom so that the inner gunnels sit in it. The transom cap covers the end of the inner gunnels, and the outer gunnels run past to end flush with the outer transom.

As has been pointed out, there is typically a metal bracket securing the gunnels to the transom as well.

The photo should show this joint. Note that this canoe uses wooden knees instead of the metal brackets as it will never be used with a motor, so the space is not needed.


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