Y Stern Project


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I finally figured out how to resize my photos. The carpentry, varnish strip, interior varnish, canvas and filling is complete on this Canadian Canoe Co. 16' Prospector style Y stern. We are awaiting the cure....... then paint, transom trim piece and new outwales. Hoping the summer weather speeds-up the cure so my son and I can take it on a Maine trip in early August before he heads off to school. We purchased a used 3.3 hp Mercury 2 stroke for propulsion.


IMG_0940 (Large).JPGIMG_0987 (Large).JPGIMG_0984 (Large).JPGIMG_0976 (Large).JPGIMG_1003 (Large).JPG
Wow, took some looking through back forums but that's my boat, mine in 15'. And I also have some stem work to do- any advice or more pics on how you did yours? You could email me at garyh88@live.com. I see also you lapped canvas over transom and then covered ala Jerry Stelmok's advice. And the bow handle is exactly what I've envisioned for mine- was it original? My Chestnut has but not the Canadian from what I can tell. Looks like a beaut, if I can get mine close to that I'll be happy.
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I thought I had replied to your message Gary, but don't see any sign of it here. Must have zoomed off into cyberspace. The bow thwart is not original. I like to use them for attaching painters, carrying and additional strength. The boat was out of shape along the rails when I acquired it, so I lengthened a couple of thwarts and added a thwart directly aft of the bow seat. I also moved the bow seat from inwale hanger bolts to horizontal rails or cleats fastened to the ribs with screws from outside the hull. A much stronger arrangement.

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