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Some pictures of the decks I received from O.T. for 1936 Yankee. Note incorrect hand hold,cracks and off center problem.


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The center deck looks like it is close to the deck on my '35 Yankee. The other two are probably a testament to the fact that, "it was better built in the old days". Quite a size difference too!
Again, this is normal. Your original decks look standard for the time period during which your canoe was made. The decks you received from Old Town are the type they make for their canoes today (see attached). In fact, they're different from your in more that just the shape of the cutout- the shape as they taper from amidships to stem is also different- those on the earlier canoes are more delicate-looking; they are concave on the sides as opposed to being straight-sided. The asymmetry of the the cutout on the deck on the right is inexcusable (and are those cracks in the deck on the left?). They should be returned on that basis alone.

Question- the original deck you show looks pretty nice... why replace them?



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There is excessive rot on the under side that you don't see in the photo. Maybe
there is an acceptable method of repair.
Why not splice in the rot from the back side or just trace the original onto a new pc of wood? That way, it'll be exactly as the originals.
That they sent you decks that bad is worse than the offense of sending you a current pattern deck rather than the '36 pattern. If it was just the end details, that could be easily re-shaped, but there is so much more wrong that this is not worthwhile. The splitting wood is offensive in a new product.

Send them back.
Thanks Peter,
I'll look into your suggestion. By the way, O.T. decks are on their way back
via Fedex home pick up. Free shipping and full refund. Had to email them twice but got the results I wanted.