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I'm restoring a 1936 OT Yankee and ordered new decks from Old Town Canoe.
The hand hold area in the replacements look nothing like the decks in my canoe. I think mine are original, but not sure. Can anyone supply a picture of an original deck?
1936 OT Yankee Decks

Attached are a pair of original 1936 OT Yankee decks. Hope they will be of some help.


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Thank you for the pictures. I thought mine were original and you have verified
that. Now I'm really nut happy with what I received. Guess I'll make my own
after all.
Thanks again!!
The pictured decks look almost identical to the ones I traced off a Guide for the 1937 Guide I'm working on. Just curious what Old Town sent you because I almost ordered some replacements but found a boat to trace from in time. Post some pictures if you get the chance.
The answer to this is simple. Old Town has changed the style of their decks over the years. The changes have resulted in several distinct styles of decks as they evolved from the original type. What you receive today from Old Town is not the same as what you would have gotten on a new canoe in 1936. They, like anyone else, could fabricate the style you need, but I'm sure they won't- not worth it to determine which style your canoe had and then attempt to replicate that style. If you have the capability, make them yourself. If not, ask a woodworker for help. If you've got the originals, just trace the cutout and replicate that. If not, many people here would probably be happy to provide a tracing. I certainly would be happy to do so.

I understand what you are saying,but, when I placed the order they did ask for the serial no. of my canoe. I would assume from the information that they required, that the decks would be correct. Wrong! I'll make my on. Will post
some pictures of what I received, if I can figure out how to do it.
Yes, that's the standard operating procedure. Asking for a serial number would suggest that they would be providing you with a deck that matches the original, but that's just not the way it works. You're not the first. This is just the way it is. You'd think they would let the customer know that the decks won't match those of an old canoe, but no, that's not the case.