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Does anyone know where I can get #10 canvas by the roll..Have a few canoes almost ready to re-cover and would appreciate any information about WHOLESALE or bulk prices...Anything saved is a penny earned!:D ....Thanks

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You don't mention on your profile where you are.

Most big cities have places. I bought a roll from a place in Chicago, but it was a short drive for me. Shipping can add to the price. Simply search the web for canvas or awning places, most will sell it to you wholesale if your buying a whole roll of it.

Here's a place a friend gets his canvas. I've not used them but he says they are excellent. And they have the wide sizes for those with BIG boats.


I get mine through my wife's fabric store. Most fabric/sewing stores (not always those that specalize in quilting, but ask anyways) should be able to find a good supply for you.
Thanks for that site in Florida....talked it over with my future business associate for when we move to Maine!....We just ordered some #8 and some #10 for the canoes that will be ready this year....What a saving, even with the shipping and handling...and there is no limit (3yds & up) to what you order.....OH!...Someone asked where I am located!...Right now I live in the national forest about 10 miles south of where the Old Man of the Mountains used to stand!...Lincoln/Woodstock area. Great trout, salmon, and togue(Lake Trout) around here....not to mention WHITE PERCH!....Problem is that this place is so overdeveloped a poor man cant afford to live here anymore..Lots are now going for a Million and a half just to be near the major ski slopes...Soooooo.....selling while the boom is on and going to Maine this year.