Mildew on filled canvas


Early last year I posted a thread regarding untreated canvas - a discussion on mildicide had me wondering if I should re-re-canvas a canoe that I covered with untreated canvas, filled with non-toxic filler (the silica/enamel recipe from WC#16) and then stored for 8 years. The consensus was that I should go ahead and paint & paddle.

Well, its been 10 years now, and I finally bought a house with a nice detached canoe shop (if I can keep vehicles out of it...): my canoes are coming home. One of the first was this almost-finished 15 footer, and it was interesting to examine it closely again. On the off chance that nobody else repeats this decade-long filler curing experiment, I thought I would share the results.

The canoe was stored uncovered in a large, dry, well-ventilated barn. Although moisture exposure was limited just to atmospheric humidity, it developed an extensive case of mildew. Most of the canvas is dotted with spots or rosettes of mildew - I've attached a photo - please pardon my limited macro photography skills. I'm not too concerned, as I suspect a thorough wiping with bleach will take care of it, but it is hard not to wonder about the other side of the canvas where I won't be able to clean and paint.

Next time I re-canvas (and there are a few more in the offing), I'll use some of the mildicide techniques discussed on this forum. I also won't wait nearly so long before painting, although I have to admit, the filler on this one is rock hard. I'm going to give her another 6-7 months, just for good measure.:)



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