Chestnut Ogilvy......DAVE?

Blue Viking

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Well... its almost finished.. Bang plates, decal, and a painter ring (Got to fill in the hole from where I suppose one was!) good wax job on the canvas and then a test run at Norway lake this weekend! Progress not perfection!"Its not how any strokes of the paddle it takes to get there, Rather it is the JOY that is in the journey".............Blue Viking


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I love those canoes, especially the V-sterned version. But all of them were built as fishing platforms, so they are all special.
PS:....serial# is.. #18 75065, Seats were custom made in Canada by a native. I think I will call it the "Grilse" model as I used #8 canvas and a lot of old menu filler...So it has to be heavier than the DAVE! Besides..."Grilse" sounds like a word my old Swedish grandfather would say when he was mad at me!:rolleyes:

Nice work.

Being a new owner of a "Dave", I wonder if you could provide me with some measurements?

Could you measure the distance between the top of the seat bolts for both the ft and rear seat, ie, 4 dimensions?

I now have the one Chris had and at both the ft and rear seat it looks like the hull could be relaxed out, but I've not sure, as there is still some tumblehome at each location.

I'm wondering how much I should/need to pull the hull in.


OK...Will uncover it after this storm goes by and will get back to you at some point this weekend.....Looking back at those pics of mine, wish it was in that shape now....Got caught in a torrential rain on the Golden road and the canoe was right side up on a trailer...American Loggers trucks flying by hub cap deep in yellow mud...tie downs stretched and it sustained gunnel damage (Rope burns) and it tore a section of canvas at the water line..(that is patched now and barely noticable.......Will look good again next spring...