fred capenos

Canoe Pilot
Does anyone know if Old Town beveled the inwales on a 1917 OTCA 17 feet long? These appear to be original and they are square. Lots of tumblehome
on this model. Thanks Fred
Inwales and outwales were chamfered (beveled) on AA-grade OTCAs during this era. I've seen CS-grade OTCAs that had the square edge that you describe.

I noticed that on my 66 Guide as well. I do not like the square edge and plan on softening the corners. The outwales are well rounded though and I plan to duplicate them with the new wood.
Thank ya Michael,
This OTCA is a CS grade and the wales are big. (15/16 x 3/4} I made a set of inwales without the 12 degree bevel but they just didn't look right. And the thwart's and one seat would have had a large gap under the rail on the outside without some hand fitting. Soooo- after one of the new rails broke at a splice, I've decided to change it's pedigree to AA. I have some leftover 18 ft. Mahogany to use up, so bevel it shall be.