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I have an old canoe in the shop and I'm hoping for some help in identifing the builder. the profile and sheer and over all apperance is very much like an early E. M. White, guessing around 1890. The planking is not beveled as the Whites always had and the stem had a regular stem band and not the traditional wrap aound stem band and there is no indication that it ever had a wrap around stem band. The stem is 7/8" sq, 13 degree bevel and has a distictive bevel on the end at the foot of the stem.

The original planking tacks are very fat steel clinch nails that are still in decent shape. the planking is 2.5" wide, 3/16" thick, and is white cedar. The tacking pattern was just two tacks per rib. The finish on the planking is rough but they are good quality and of long lengths.

the ribs are white cedar,5" on center, average 2.7" wide, 13/32" thick at the center, tapered in width and thickness starting 12' from the top of the rails. the top of the ribs are 1.75" wide and 3/16" thick. the taper in the width is just on one side, facing the center of the canoe. the sides are beveled at 25 degress and it is a flat bevel and not a rounded one.

Their were no seats except for a sten and fwd seat thwarts which were half laped into the inside rail. the center and quarter thwarts were bolted to the bottom of the rail.

The ash deck is very small and narrow with no sign of any lashings. the rails ran past the tip of the deck like the whites and the rails are notched to receive the top of the stem like on the early Chestnuts. No sign of a decal or name plate on either stem or deck.

the whole boat looks professionally made so I would assume there would be a few others out there. Any guesses? I thought it might of been a "second " by the White company but even then it would of still had the beveled planking and more standard size ribs and planking.


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"White" lookalike

Rollin, could it possibly be an employee of a known builders attempt at his own stye of canoe?

this has to be a tough one when the expert is stumped. i recall seeing that type of deck on a canoe at one of the wooden canoe fests im thinking Davis from Eliotsville, Monson area i have a picture somewhere ill paw thru them tonite and see what i can come up with whats the length ?
cant remember the decks on the Sally-Ricker canoes from milo area
but the 20 ft one Carl build may have that type of deck You have it in the shop now ?
Yep, the boat is being worked on as I type, or at least waiting for me to get done typing.
It may just be a boat built by a good amateur or someone with building experience working on there own. there were a lot of those guys in the past.