1955 Peterborough


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I posted this on the Wooden Boat forum yesterday and was refered to this site. In looking it over, it is very interesting. I also own a homemade canoe built by my dad in the 50's. Still use it. Canvass covered. Paddles, sails and it even motors with a 1940 Evinrude Elto Pal, bought new by my Uncle Walt. Of course, I also own a 1959 Lyman; but that's another story.

'As of yesterday, I became the proud owner of a 1955 16' Peterborough. Serial number 82 4302. I have been searching the web looking for any information on it and am drawing somewhat of a blank. I can find info on the canoes that they built but not much on the outboards. Any insights or direction would be apprieciated. Does anyone know what the model name would be?
Thanks in advance for any information.'
Are you sure of the model number 82 and the 1955 year of construction? Is it possible you missed a digit or two in the model number? To aid in identification please post a picture and the measurements of the boat.

Dick Persson
headwater Wooden Boat Shop
First off, welcome to the forum Bob! I agree with Dick and think that you might be missing a couple of digits that would probably go along with the 82.............

The attached images are from 1957 and deal with a 15-footer introduced that year, The Jupiter. It is the only boat I could find from that time frame with a model number {1882} that might match up with what you provided...........



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Jack and Dick; thanks for the immediate responses! Great site!
Jack, my new boat does look like that! I have not seen any pics of that boat on the web, but am just starting to search for web pages.
Are there any groups or organizations for Peterborough owners? I belong to a Lyman boat owners association out of Ohio. Great bunch of folks.
Will post pics next time I am climbing up in the barn. It has been stored up there for the past 10 years or so.
Peterborough Speedster

Well. it has been a couple of years since I acquired this boat. Finally pulled it down from the barn that it has been sitting in for the past ten years. Not sure of the year but the model is a 16 foot Speedster. I know this because of the decal below the Peterborough decal on the rear port and starboard sides of the boat says 'Speedster'. The hull number is 182-4302. The title is for a 1955 but I have heard that it is a 1951 by the hull number.
The boat looks to be in very good shape; no broken ribs or any of the dreaded dry rot! All of the hardware appears to be present and original with the exception of the stern light. (Any one know where the is one?) The only downside is that the boat is covered with fiberglass from the rub rail down. This will be stripped off and finished 'bright'.
Are there any Perterborough clubs or any places of information? I really would like to restore it correctly.
Hello Bob,

With that model/serial number it is likely that your Speedster was built sometime between 1943 and 1951. Good luck with the restoration work.

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop