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HI Everyone!

I have been reading your forums for quite a few years now and I am continually amazed at the amount of canoe knowledge.
So I thought that I would see if there was anyone that could help me out.
I have a Peterborough, Trapper-shorty canoe. When I bought it I was told that it was a 1949 model and that it had been re canvased and it only has one fixed seat. Through researching on the web I have found out that the shorty model was made for 1941-1956, oh yah the serial number is 1225-1446, but that is about all.

The kind of information that I am looking for; is the type of wood used for the gunwales and decks, the colors they came in, the weight of canvas originally used and if there were originally one or two seats.

Also any other information about the serial number or company. I did send an email to the Canadian Canoe Museum but have not heard a reply yet, so I hope someone can help me.


Craig, I helped you out by not buying it when I was there:D
welcome to the forum.
you need to make a slat seat to match the rear, holes are in the gunwales, the rest is pretty much as delivered with the exception of the 5 ribs that have been replaced and the recanvas job. Search "Shorty" here, Fitz posted some nice pics of his.
Hi Craig,

The trapper model “Shorty” existed as a model in the Peterborough Canoe Co line-up from the mid 1910’s until 1962. However, before 1939 it had the model number 86, after 1939 this model carried the model number 1446. The stock colour was a flat grey, but it could be had in other colours as well on special order. Normally both inside as well as outer gunnels were made in spruce, decks in maple. Heavyweight #6 or #8 canvas was used and originally it came equipped with two seats except during a few years in the 1920's.

Dick Persson
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Dick has nailed the features of the Shorty. Here are some pictures of my Shorty. Be Forewarned!!! This canoe is responsible for throwing me in the drink more than any other canoe combined. It could be my mother-in-law playing pranks on me from beyond the grave, but I think not. It is squirrelly, period.

Pretty much, the only way I can paddle it is kneeling near the center.

Good Luck



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Fitz,I think is the Mother in Law.
Trapper is just that.Intended to be used in the bush and dragged over beaver dams and swamps and curly little streams.Like a Prospecter was for carrying gear,a Trapper is for carrying ....useful things.