1920's Kennebec Canoe


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I am restoring a canoe made by the Kennebec Canoe and Boat Company. The brass plaque is stamped with the # 9899. Does anyone know anything about the history of this canoe? I inherited it from my Grandmother, who got it on her honeymoon with my Grandfather in 1926. Any help would be appreciated. I have been keeping track of my work with digital pictures, if anyone is interested.
Also, the decks are nothched, and the inwales and outwales need to be replaced. What is the best way to start...do I replace the inwales, then cut them to fit the decks, or secure the decks to the stem first? Is it best to stain before or after all this?
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The Kennebec canoe with sn 9899 is a Kennebec Model, 16' long with type A trim. It was planked by Cameron on 10/13/1915, canvassed on 11/5/1915 by Roy, 1st filler on 11/6/1915 and 2nd filler on 1/26/1917 by Lane. Rails were installed 1/29/1917 by Cornier and it was painted medium green on 2/3/1917. Shipping information was omitted from this record.

It sounds like your decks may be replacements or modified - Kennebec inwales are continuous to the stems, in the same manner as an Old Town.