kennebec canoe

The Kennebec canoe with the serial number 800221 is an 18' Camp Chief model that was built in 1937. The number you provided implies your canoe is 17', so it is likely this is not a match, and your canoe may not have been built by Kennebec. If the number as stamped on the canoe shows spaces in the manner you posted, your canoe may have been built in the Charles River area, as this pattern of marking serial numbers is common there. Can you post a picture?
The decal you mention in another post does suggest the canoe was built by Kennebec. Here is the information for the Kennebec canoe with the serial number 800221. It is an 18' Camp Chief model planked by Roy on 2/27/1937, Covered and 1st filler by Thibedeau on 3/7/1937, 2nd filler by Thibedeau on 4/2/1937, railed by Vigue on 4/3/1937, F20 by Thibedeau on 6/25/1938 and was painted green.

If your canoe is 17' long, double check to be sure you got the rest of the sn correct.