Curious about Wooden Canoes
We have a brief, unexpected window for a canoe trip in Maine this coming Monday-Wednesday. The weather looks good, and given that we are uncertain how September will shake out in terms of more tripping, we're having a hard time picking from our bucket list trips. Here are the contenders:

Third Machias Lake
Spencer Lake
Debsconeag Lakes
Scraggly Pond (the northern one NE of BSP)

We're open to other suggestions as well. Basically, we'd like to do a 2-3 night trip on new (to us) body of water in Maine.

Thanks in advance!
That is enough time for a quick trip down the St. Croix....a river option.
Any suggestions on put-in and take-out?

We are really leaning toward either Debsconeag Lakes or Scraggly (the northern one NE of BSP). If anyone has any info on campsites, road conditions and overall experience, we'd love to hear it.
Most likely you would put in at Vanceboro and depending upon how ambitious you are, pull out at Kellyland. You can also pull out sooner at Loon Bay. There are folks in the area that will move your vehicle for you if you need that sort of service.
The fishing is usually pretty good...there is one great spot to play with your canoe in a nice drop.
The rapids are all quite benign but for a beginner, a real nice way to experience something more challenging than flat water...