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Temp repair over damaged canvas, Pennyan cartopper

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by trouts2, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. OP

    trouts2 Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    Thanks, the trailer is nice and just right for my needs. I had been looking for a second hand light trailer for a month and no luck so started pricing new trailers which were $850-1200. When pricing at one place I just happened to say to the guy what I really wanted was a junker. He said I have just what you want in back of my house. I took a look and back in the woods cover with overgrowth was the rusted junker. It seemed it might work so picked it up and got lucky.
    The next step is to try to make some supports on the bunks for the canoes.
  2. skifree

    skifree Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Treewater started a thread with trailer advice. There is a picture of one that I built that sounds similar to what you describe. Hope it helps.

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