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Did ya'll see that neat little Robertson courting canoe on ebay today? Well, I thought I might bid on the last day, even though I'm sure the reserve was well beyond my means. Anyway, I figured I'd pull it up this morning on my way past the coffee machine and post my bid. Well, I must have miscalculated the end of the auction, because when I pulled it up, the window said the Auction ends in 13 Seconds!!! Well, you heard it here first.

You can't login and bid on ebay in less than 13 seconds. :mad: :p :rolleyes:
That 13 seconds is not actually the time remaining. It's the time that was remaining when you lit up the page (or refreshed). Dare I ask, what was the selling price ?
Yah, I had "refreshed" only to find out there was 13 seconds left.

I think the winning bid was by a WCHA member, but the reserve was not met, so I don't know if it sold. Ross Brothers was selling the canoe.

Hi Gil,

Too bad I didn't ask earlier. I just got back from NY. & NH. was traveling through the outskirts of Boston on Saturday nite the nite of the big blizzard.

I did pick up some great canoes. I have attached a picture of my rig as parked on arrival home. The Thing on the trailer belongs to the buddy that drove with me.

The canoe on the top is a 15' Rushton Indian that has been restored years ago, but in very good shape. Bottom right is a 16' Rushton Indian Girl post 1910 that need a good deal of work. The bottom left is a 17' Rushton Indian Girl that is intact with a serial number 132 which may put it in 1901 or 1902. I'll have to tell the story of the 15' & 17' in another post. I purchased them from the family of the original and famous owner.


Looks like the picture did not make it. Maybe now.


Well it must be to big a file and will not load. Sorry.


I think I've done it.

Here is the picture.



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The little women

I arrive home at 1:30am Monday morning so I was able to rest up before she saw all three on the roof. Then I told her two of them belonged to my buddy who just started to collect canoes.

For some reason she did not buy that story.

I did explain the 15' and the 17' were a pair that couldn't be separated and they had a great lineage.

I was enjoying conjugal visits within 2 weeks. ;)

It was all worth it.

But Paul,

That's with that "thing" in back on the trailer?

Haven't seen one of those in a long time.

Ya, my wife just smiles and says "yes dear" when I come home looking like that. She's pretty tolerant, as long as she can get her car in the garage (in the winter) she's fine.

Park in Garage?

My wife hasn't been able to park in a garage for many many years, winter or not.

She was more tolerant when I had less than 30, (canoes that is).

I was forced to buy her a couple of Kayaks for her and the grandchildren. I have attached a picture of my wife Cindy in her kayak with my oldest granddaughter Taylor. I'am taking the picture from the canoe, the other little blond head is #2 granddaughter Meghan, with Gregg their dad in the bow seat.

Can't wait for the kind of weather you see in the pic,



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They look good out there. Nice to see them starting out so young. I'm still working on my daughtor-in-law to get my gd even in a canoe.

:) When it gets snowy or below zero she likes the car in, the rest of the time it's out.
>My wife hasn't been able to park in a garage for many many years, winter or not.

I have to show her this message, I'm only 1/2 the way there, not even close to a lot of canoes yet. :)
>She was more tolerant when I had less than 30, (canoes that is).

yup, it's going to be awhile here though.
>Can't wait for the kind of weather you see in the pic,


Well, not sure how this happened, but maybe the stars were aligned properly or something, but after losing interest in this Robertson, somehow it ended up in my garage today ;)

It's a nice canoe, mahogany trim and decks. Some of the earlier repairs will need re-doing. The canvas job is pretty rough.

Here's a couple of pictures.


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Looks like a great canoe to restore. If I had any money or room I would have liked to have it.( I still don't have a Robertson)

On another subject, what happened at the Ross Bros. auction. I thought we would have seen a report of some lucky buyers of some of those canoes?

That was an event even my wife wanted to attend as she likes antiques.

Hope to hear from some new canoe owners.

Ross Bros. Auction

Including late entries there where actually 21 boats and canoes sold all with out reserve. Boats ranged from an 1890’s rowing wherry to a contemporary Mad River Canoe and everything in between. We are always happy to give a club member a good deal we have plenty left at our new location Old Town, Kennebec, White, Robertson, Penn Yan, Peterborough, Rushton and many more. We also buy and sell parts, accessories, catalogs, photos and related historical materials. Ross Bros. 77 West St. Hatfield, Ma. 01062 413-586-3875