If you can't watch YouTube...

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
If you can't watch the YouTube videos that I or anyone else as posted a link to... because you have dial-up, or for whatever other reason... there are a couple of possible solutions:

If the video is one of mine, I can put it on a DVD and mail it to you... so just email me at kathrynklos@gmail.com and I'll send off a DVD.

There's a free YouTube downloading program called YouTube Downloader that I find works well.


I haven't tried it from a dial-up situation, but I used to have a different program (which cost money) when I had dial up, and it worked fine. It would take a looooong time to download the YouTube video and I didn't do much on the computer while that was happening, but in the end I could watch the video just fine and it was stuck forever in my computer so I could watch it again. So, if it's something wonderful to watch that brings joy to your heart, such as the following do for me, well... it's a gift. The following are not canoe-related, but they have given me many smiles: