yet another: help me id this canoe...

James Schuldes

Curious about Wooden Canoes
My family acquired this canoe sometime in the late 1960's - I think from Camp Manito-wish at Boulder Junction, WI. My dad took off the canvas and recovered it with (polyester) fiberglass around 1968 or so. It lived at our house in northern Wisconsin for years and when the property was sold it migrated to my sister's cabin in Flagstaff AZ and now resides in her backyard in Phoenix, AZ.

I had an opportunity to see it first hand recently. Mostly I am curious to know who built it originally. No decals or serial numbers where to be found anywhere. It has a full length keel. The other posible clue to origin is the thwart that is shaped to go behind your neck when you portage it. I'd estimate 16' in length. There is a single brass or bronze band under the front and rear decks.

I would guess that it may have been a Thompson since they were built in WI years ago. Any comments would be appreciated.

James Schuldes

p.s. here are some pics: