yellowstone route recommendations


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Any route recommendations for yellowstone / grand teton area? Looking for day trips and/or 2-3 day adventures.
If you are a member of the ACA there is an article on the Yellowstone
in the most recent issue of paddler.
you may be able to get it on line at the ACA web site.

ACA is the American canoe Ass. just in case you didn't know.

good luck and let us know if you go.
I went through there last year. I didn't canoe but went on through to Glacier. Will you be coming through on I 80 from east? And will you be camping? We stayed at a few campgrounds in the area. Jackons lake is huge, if you are thinking of paddling. Lot's of good areas. Let me know your intentions and I can tell you what I did.
I'm headed there Saturday. No canoe though. I'll go into the wind River Range near Dubois, up to Bomber Lake.
I may try to get Gannet, we'll see. Can anyone confirm the snow levels?

Then off to Jellystone for day hikes. Gotta see some thermals and some petrified items. There's so much to do. Where to start?


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Went through last summer.

Between checking out all of the geysers and bison, fit in a nice day trip up to Shoshone Lake.

Took a nice trip down the Snake in Grand Teton and also noodled around Jenny lake. Met up with a canoe builder and his family on the portage from the lake.


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Just a thanks for the pictures, which sparked memories of a family trip to the Tetons nearly half a century ago... yikes!

We rode horses around Jenny Lake... still one of my nicest memories.
Jenny Lake

Katheryn, here are a couple photo's from Jenny Lake.
There was still a lot of snow in the park. In fact, it snowed on us. Lot's of roads were closed due to the conditions. The cool temperatures were great for hiking and kept the crowds way down.
The ice is out on the lakes now but it is wickedly cold. The winds and waves were huge on Yellowstone and not inconsequential on Jackson. All of the streams and rivers are still very high with more melt ahead. They had 600 plus inches of snow this year.


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