Worlds largest wooden canoe??

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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Who wants to get involved in the building of the worlds largest wooden canvas canoe?? I am thinking about 40' long 9' beam 2' deep maybe. Just a thought?? Or is it?Any input is welcome.
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Thats just junk!! Nothing aganst anyone who built it but thats no canoe.. Anyone could build that canoe..Was old towns war canoe all canvas?? If so that was only ? 32 feet?
Little bear canoes said:
Was old towns war canoe all canvas?? If so that was only ? 32 feet?

Yes, Old Town's largest standard wood and canvas war canoe model was only 32 feet long as shown below with sponsons. They would build anything that a customer was willing to pay for so there may have been longer ones.

I will let you argue with the Guinness Book of World Records authorities about the exact definition of a canoe. Good luck,



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Old Town's larger war canoe was actually 34', Kennebec offered one at 35' and Carleton's was apparently the largest at 38'. They were constructed the same as your standard wood and canvas canoe, the main exceptions, apart from size, were the presence (usually) of a keelson, and beefier rails and stems. In the early days of the war canoe craze, many builders built all-wood versions ranging from 30-35 feet.

Unwieldy critters, as anyone who has crewed in the Carl's Paddlin' store's 34' canoe in the Madison, WI Paddle and Portage race will attest too... We also confirmed they are not all that useful for solo freestyle paddling either.

They can be awkward to cartop too, see attached :D


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