Small spots on canvas need filling - how to do it??

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Howdy all-

I have an 18' OT Guide that needs some touching up. On the very bottom of the outside of the canoe, the filler has flaked away from the canvas, leaving the weave of the canvas exposed. There are about 4 spots where this has happened. The largest spot is about 2" wide and 3 " long.

The boat has a shellacked bottom. All these spots occur in the shellacked area.

How do I repair these spots? What do I need to do? I'm guessing some sanding, refilling, sanding, and shellacking will be necessary.

What should I use to fill the spots? Does this fill need to be primed before I shellac over it? I'm thinking that I'll sand and re-shellac the whole bottom.

What type of shellac should I use? What'sthe procedure to apply it?


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Old Town says you can't apply filler again...Shellac is an ablative coating. It wears away yet is self healing to small scratches. If the filler is tight and just the weave of the fabric shows, acrylic 'spot & glazing' compound from an auto body supply shop would level it and may come in a grey close in color to the filler. This stuff is made to be sanded thin and sticks well. The shellac should cover it too...

Sand & re-coat the shellac. I think guides used to re-shellac every spring.