Wood and rope seat

My babiche seat

That looks very good Here is my last week attempt at babiche seats. 1/8" leather cord, forty feet. The seat is rectangular and that made it tough. As you see, it is not an outstanding job but it is quite firm. One more to make and I might try your method.


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Great site

Thanks, that is a great site for babiche. For those like me who did not know, rawhide is different than leather. Rawhide stretches when wet and shrinks dry. Leather is tanned and will only stretch. I got my materials from Tandy Leather. Lots of selection.

Here is another site for lacing canoe seats with a simple diagram. I like the look of rawhide but didn't want the maintenance. I hope the rawhide turns out to your satisfaction so that you don’t have to go through re-weaving. Matthew

Sorry but I don't see link to another site....could you post as might be of interest to others.
No worries....and I'm as good at forgetting things as anybody (I'd admit to getting "old" but I prefer to call myself "more mature" and I'll admit that sometimes I'm "memory challenged"....gotta be politically correct LOL LOL).