rudder controls

Michael Leone

You call that a sail?
I am in the final stages of riging my sailing canoe
and I was considering crossing the stearing ropes
at the quater thwart before they go up to the leeboard bracket
in order to make stearing more intuitive.
so when I pull back on the left rope I turn left
or push forword on the left rope I turn right,
and the same on the right rope.
has any on ever done this and does it make sence
It should work. You may add in more friction, plus you'll be needing 4 more pulleys.

I have not sailed in my canoe for a while, but after I got the hang of it, the normal way was not bad. Your problem would be if you used someone elses sailing canoe and got messed up and went the wrong way.

You can try it and let us know.

Have fun, John