I think this baby is beyond my skill level. :(
it's the same guy that has the Morris lee boards on eBay right now too.
Poor baby, somebody oughta save it. Won't be me unfortunately.

As for not spending $250 on it... I'd say the "before" photo on Pat's site was arguably in worse shape. British racing green paint, and looked like it'd been half-eaten by raccoons. :eek:
Hi Brad,

As I understand it, that isn't the "before" pic of the canoe picture below it. The green Willits is the second oldest known Willits, 6C27, or something like that. Michael Grace has the oldest known. I was talking to Pat about his 6C a while ago, and he said he'd like to get to it, but just doesn't have the time these days. It does look a bit moth eaten though! Michael's is in quite a bit better shape, but is also a work in progress. The interesting thing about Michael's is that there are 5 cross beams on the deck as opposed to 3.
Ahh, I see. Well I ultimately agree $1K seems steep, but the seller is great for being so extensive in their description of what's needed. Nothing hidden there.

I hope the little guy gets a happy ending. Looks like he's been passed through many hands - I wonder if it was part of the Camp Ta-ha-do-Wa fleet. Damn thing could've been to Alaska, that'd explain a lot of those backwoods repairs. There are extra holes in the fore deck where a big handle may have sat... for easy grabbin'. ;)