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Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Site is kinda quiet, here's a couple of shots of a wideboard building form from a long passed Canadian builder, and the last two water transfers the surviving family offered for the restoration of one of his canoes. If you turn up a boat or canoe from this builder, dont be shy - I'll be right over. Est 1896, quite building in the '30's. Form is planked like a canoe, not with the thick strips often seen these days and note the complete lack of rocker; off to the auction block to make room.
Merry Xmas and Happy holidays to all.:)


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Hi Bob,
where's the shorty pictures? figure'd you'd have it done by now..
Auction was a figure of speech, but it'll be in a new home in the new year as I'm going to let my collection from this builder go to focus on other projects.
priorities, priorities....
I think my wife is still stunned that I actually sold a canoe last month:eek:
detective work

Just a neat follow up, that shot of the boat was taken outside the factory on the river in town, in looking for the spot where it was located I found it using the same house as in the background, albeit 100 years later. Note the absence of the gas streetlights.
And the trees are a little bigger too.


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the shorty will be done, i am waiting on some coupons for a canvas discount. i have just finished resawing sufficient cedar for 2 more canoes. the new bob's is partly in rib but i tried using spruce for stems as an experiment and they all broke so i am waiting on some ash to soak right now then i can finish the ribs and begin planking. i have a fellow looking at buying a new canoe from me and wanting a canoe just in frame for hanging. so i may be busy into the spring. i am also going to give the first bob's sp. to my grandson so it will be going to alabama sometime in the summer. busy busy busy. i may someday get one out for ME:rolleyes: . let me know about what you are selling ok?. bob