why do we do this to ourselves?

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I think that restoring a canoe can be the most frustrating, and rewarding, thing I have ever done. So many steps, so many ways to make the wrong move. My models are no different, they look easier than they really are. My hat goes off to any of you, professional or not, that do a nice restoration job or new build. Most have no clue how difficult it really is and I get reminded everytime I start working with them, I'm never truely happy with the level of my work, but it always helps to get in one and feel how nice they paddle!:eek:
It's in the Nature or Being.

As the perfect creation of a perfect creator, we strive for perfection. And perfection in canoe restoration seems more attainable then perfection in the other aspects of our lives, like; parenting, job, relationships, and meeting the expectation of others and those of ourselves.

Back to canoe building. I have just attained the perfect finish on the decks and gunnels of a canoe that will turn out to be my best restoration. I then realized that I need to put the OT decal (pronounced DECKAL for those in Canada). I like to put the finish over the decal for protection. Now I need to attach the decal and apply more finish.

Back to the Nature of Being; we aren't perfect so remember to forgive yourself AND those around you.

I'm preaching so it must be Sunday.

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Why? Well, what else are you going to do? Sit around watching the teevy?

Perfection may not be attainable all of the time, but "the treasure's not the taking... it's the loving of the game." (Quoting Pat & Victoria Garvey).
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Why I am doing this?

You've asked a question that I've been asking myself ever since I took on this restoration project.

I must say, this has been quite a ride! It seems every step comes with a puzzle to figure out, another jig to make or a new skill to learn. The most difficult part for me is to remember that every part doesn't have to be perfection. I keep reminding myself -- "It's a canoe - not a piano!"

Now that new stems are on and tied to the new in-wales and spliced decks, 18 ribs have been replaced and the gar-board planks are in place; I believe it will float again. (BTW, I really needed you guys when I was putting the new gar-board planks in place, but that was while the forum was down so I was on my own and did I ever struggle.)