Who made this square back?

peter osberg

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They may be a little ungainly for solo paddles but are great for carrying lots of gear(beer and wine for medicinal purposes) or dead animals for those so inclined. Solo I use oars, although if a bunch are up to it they paddle well enough. Mine constructed on the lines on the 6 fathom north canoe from adney and capelle Skin and Bark boats (without the last 6 ft.) the motors are 20hp hondas that get about 60 nm per tank on average. I started building them when the kids were young as (pre internet) I could not find a source.


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LOVES Wooden Canoes
Here's my moose hauler

For those interested in pictures of "freighter" type canoes...here's my 22' Ogilvy Special that may be the "Alex" model...not too sure. Can anyone help me with a ballpark age of this boat? Currently, I'm repairing a few cracked ribs, refinishing the interior, and completing some cosmetic work on the decks. My wife and I plan on paddling the length of the Susquehanna (PA) this spring with two big Chesapeake Bay retrievers and plenty of camping gear, etc. Also, does anyone know what the proper painter ring would have looked like, and would the original canoe have had decals?


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Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
good looking canoe

Good looking canoe. What is the beam/Depth? Hope those painter ring screws/bolts go through. I'd Hate to see you loose it.


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Ogilvy Special

Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy this boat, even if I never get it in the water, its a joy to just look at....and so I'd love to know when it was made. I hate those painter rings! Underneath are the holes from the original ones...I can't imagine why they needed to be replaced...
The canoe's beam is 35" (inside), and there is an additional 2 3/4 inches for inwale/outwale. It is 17 3/4 inches from the center planking to a point level with the top of the wales. The serial number is 80032 and is stamped on the stem. It does not have a keel, and weighs well over 100lbs. Any help appreciated! I don't plan on selling it, but would like to know it's approx replacement value for insurance purposes.