Who made this one?


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
15.5' Longitudinal strip canoe. Robertson screws indicate that it was Canadian made. No brand name or serial numbers can be found. Appears to be all original and the flat, aluminium stem bands would suggest it is a later built canoe. 33" width, 12" depth. White Oak inner/outer stems, keelson, keel and outwales. 3 3/8" wide thwarts appear to be Cherry. Mid thwart is 14" off center or 80" from the stern. All nails are copper. All screws are ferous, not brass. Weight is over 70 lbs. 15.5 Longitudinal strip 003.jpg15.5 Longitudinal strip 001.jpg15.5 Longitudinal strip 004.jpg15.5 Longitudinal strip 007.jpg15.5 Longitudinal strip 009.jpg
Hi Dave O. Couldn't see any signatures. A Walter Walker would be a nice find. Richardson Aquacraft and Burleigh Falls also built later longitudinal strip canoes.
I'd guess Burleigh Falls off the Peterbourough mold. Floor Boards are different. Maybe couldn't access material for full width. Looks good though.
You may be right John. It also looks a lot like a Waussnodae from LaKefield in Ontario. He was coached by Walter Walker. The Waussondae canoes have the right style floor boards and used Cherry accents. Longitudinal canoes are not easy to build so why wouldn't you put a makers name on it?
Burleigh falls put their name on the deck cover boards.
Waussnodae was part of that co-op including a reserve on Rice Lake?
If so, then about 20 or 25 years old and Walter would definitly have influenced the build. Dick Persson would know. Currently Buckhorn Canoe Company.
Makes sense to me.
I just received an email back from Linda Squires of Waussnodae Canoes. It isn't one of theirs and it isn't a Burleigh Falls canoe so who built it?
Alderville First Nation at Rice Lake?
Someone there attempted a revival of all-wood canoes off a Peterborough Mold and built very nicely. I don't know how many boats they succeeded in building. Tough market unless you knew how to market. I went from Sailing canoes to repair-restoration at that time.
The Canoe Museum raffled one of their canoes 15 or 20 years ago.
That would be my last choice.