Canadian Made Canoe. Who built it?

John Visser

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I just got a canoe in for restoration from a couple in Cooperstown, NY. I was informed that it was originally purchased in Quebec in 1979 or the 80's by the customer's father. I could find no serial number in the canoe. The only identification is a decal(see photo) which seems to say LE HURON/Indians/ M.P./Canoes/Village Huron.
This boat looks like it was made for river paddling, as it has a heavily arched bottom and considerable rocker, and is without a keel. The sheerline is moderately upswept, nothing too dramatic but not entirely flat. It is between 15-16' long, 34" wide amidships, 14" deep amidships, and 20" high in the bows. The stems are thick and covered by 1/2" brass stem bands, fastened by Robertson(square) drive screws. The seats are woven rawhide. The inner gunwales are covered by a 1/4" thick cap that is the same width as the rail. The planking comes all the way up to the top of the ribs, and the outer gunwale has the usual lip that rests over the planking edge, leaving the rib tops exposed about a 1/4" below the tops of the rails, rather than have everything flush as is usually seen. The outer gunwales are fastened with slotted drive screws and finishing washers on every other rib.
I think I've covered all the details. Thanks in advance for any help in identifying this canoe.
John Visser
Housatonic Canoe Shop
Looking for and Old Town model description

The widow of an old friend has asked me to identify a canoe so it can be listed for sale. I have not seen the canoe but is one that was finished clear (fibreglass?) by Old Town 10-15 years ago. A catalog description would be very helpful.

Thanks, R.C.