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Steve Gresty

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi all,
After introducing myself elsewhere on the forum,here are my 1st questions.
I have just purchased a wood canvas canoe and my questions are as follows:
1/ which type of paint to use on the hull to change the colour,
2/ It would need to be available in the UK also
3/ If I was to flat back the original paint (which is in very good condition) can I then just repaint the new colour on top rubbing down between coats?
Any advice as to proceedure / products / suppliers, would be greatly appreaciated
Steve :)
If by UK you mean England, you will have many choices of marine paints available. Heck, even the non-island parts of the UK will have good marine enamels available.

I used Kirbys Bottle Green on my Old Town but a Seliga I painted used Val Spar Sea Gold Yellow. So any good marine enamel will do nicely. You will want to talk with the paint people about thinning it/or not etc. and how to do that. Sanding between coats is important.

There are many paint experts - and I mean experts - on this forum and they should soon add their guidance.
In response to your query about repainting, it's important to sand the canoe first with moderately fine sandpaper such as 150 grit. This puts small scratches in the old finish which gives some "tooth" so the new paint adheres better.

I don't consider myself much of an expert on finishing and I'm still learning, but based on advice from other canoe folks who produce beautiful finishes, I've found the best way to apply paint for me is to use a small 4" foam roller followed immediately with a dry brush to kill most of the bubbles. I do a small area at a time and then hit it with the dry brush before moving on. I tried this on my last canoe and was very pleased with the results.

Hope this helps!

By the way, are you acquainted with our good friend and avid canoeist David Houghton of your fair isle? If so tell him I said "Hi."

Hi, many thanks for the advice, I will check what's available.
I hope the weather is going to start warming up shortly,so I can begin.
Best regards
Steve :)