Quick ? on paint.


Chest Nut
I have a newish canvas canoe that I'd like to repaint. The canoe has never been used so I will be potentially ruining a perfectly fine paint job :).

Simple question is on sanding the original paint. What grain sandpaper (100?) and how much to actually sand off?

It will take at least 2 coats to hide the original paint is it best to lightly sand between coats?

I'm not after a show piece just a colour change that will get touched up often.



100 is on the course end. I'd use 150 or 220. But 100 is ok too. You need to sand it in order to give a little tooth to the next coat. So sand in between coats too. It doesn't take long to sand it by hand. I assume you just want to change the color?
I'd go with 200/220 and sand thoroughly. Anything coarser will leave deep scratches. Two coats for sure of the new colour. Some pigment mixes won't cover as well as others.
You can go with a finer grit if you wet sand the boat, 220, like Doug said. Pick some up at a local autobody supply. Wet sanding really cuts the paint well.
Based on the filename and the end caps I'm guessing it's one of Rollin's boats. To ensure successful adhesion of the new paint over the sanded old you want to stick with the same type of material. Pretty sure Rollin uses only marine enamel paints.
The canoe was built in Rollins shop, but built buy a couple of guys who paid for the course.

Sanded it down a bit and applied the 1st new coat of paint. It hasn't fallen off yet so hopefully it will be fine.


Jamie, It's also a good idea to strip all wax and oil off before sanding. Wax can get smeared around and cause your new paint not to adhere evenly.