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Who hid my paddle?
and is it supposed to be there? The canoe is a 1911 Charles River OT that underwent a rebuild many years ago. (15943-16 per earlier posting)

The thwart seems to be a kneeling thwart but was it common for a CR OT? The bolts are diamond head, I suppose added later?

the inwales are I think Mahog now. Lowered from original.

the kneeling Thwart is held by one diamond head bolt at each end.

There is no center thwart.

Is this a kneeling thwart?
Is it supposed to be there?


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That thwart does not look like anything that was installed at the factory so it was probably added later. I am also not convinced that you have a 1911 Old Town since the same serial number was assigned to a 16 foot long Carleton canoe that shipped to Michigan in 1921. Both build records are attached below. They show canoes with closed gunwales and no mention of a wide thwart or any other non-standard addition. The Old Town also had outside stems that are not present on your canoe. It appears that this canoe has had at least one extensive restoration so it is difficult to tell what it originally looked like.



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Thanks Benson

This canoe has undergone a very extensive rebuild many years ago. The outwale is NOT rabbeted and the planking is cut flush to the top of the rails. The outwales were fastened from the inside The shoe keel replaced a regular keel and so there are lots of holes. Some filled. The stems show evidence of having had outside stems But the stems are quite delicate. There are screw holes in the stems. The ribs are not tapered. With the outwales removed the ribs and planking pull free from the inwhale. They are fastened with tacks only. No ring nails in the rib tops at all. Depth is now 10 7/8" Decks only about 11" long, less considering the parts that rotted off. INwales and decks look to be mahog. Outwales may be oak. It only has two cracked ribs.

I am going to guess it is the OT based on the screw holes in the stems?